Second prep day

24 hour darkness in our current context is not unpleasant. Although time does pass rather oddly the days have felt more like very long winter evenings than anything more alien. This impression is definitely helped by all our excursions eventually ending up back at the cosy 'Hotel Qaanaaq'. We are still in weight-gain mode so the urge to nap after each very sizable meal there is quite strong.

Unfortunately, there has not been much time for napping. It has been a busy day today with more equipment sorting, plenty of sewing (thanks to Anastasia!) and making the final additions to our food supplies in the form of about my body weight in butter and oil. We have also commandeered half a shipping container in which to do our kit sort. It isn't warm in there so we fire up a stove in there which kept things at a slightly more civilised temperature. We can't pull enough fuel to have this luxury once we set out but it's nice to enjoy it now.

When we're not in our shipping container, it is important to spend as much time as possible outdoors so as to properly acclimatise. We especially mustn't rely psychologically on indoor warmth at this stage; we are aiming for as smooth transition as possible into the hardships of the expedition.

Quite late now so I'll sign off. We had an amusing time getting to know Dave better as well today so more on him next time...