Here we are!

Hello everyone from Qaanaaq, our remote launching pad for #darkice and our winter journey north.

Having touched down yesterday on the snow/gravel airstrip, it was the culmination of six flights from home to here. The weather has been fairly settled here with temperatures between -20 and -30 deg C and few clouds or winds. Ice conditions west and north are a bit mixed but we're optimistic.

Apart from the cold, which takes a day or two to get used to, the dryness of the air is making us all a bit sniffly and prone to coughing - nothing unusual though and we're improving.

Our main jobs at the moment are to sort out the near ton of gear and food stored here from last year, this past summer and that which we've just brought up now, and integrate our bear-alarm dog, Dave, back into the new team.

Anyhow, more tomorrow as it's bedtime and we're enjoying our final nights in proper beds!